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An Insulator is fundamental to aerial distribution of electricity. The function of Insulators is to separate high voltage conductors from earth. The materials and construction used must not only have high dielectric strength but be sufficiently mechanically strong to withstand the high loads exerted by the conductors in all environment conditions.

Because of their importance, Insulators must meet specific mechanical requirements and they must be reliable. The failure of a single insulator can cause the shutdown of a distribution line, creating disruption of Power.

Adpro Ceramics is a premier company specialising in manufacturing of high Voltage Electro-Porcelain Transmission Insulators and Sub-Station Insulators for clients in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Industry apart from railway electrification and electrical switchgear and control equipment makers.

We are an ISO-9001-2000 certified company by Moody International and have also been approved by UKAS, U.K.

Combining state-of-the-art product and process technology, we have developed an expansive range of insulators which are all quintessential in smooth transmission and distribution of electrical power. Moreover, every product is developed by keeping in mind the benchmarks and standards followed by the other leading global manufacturers of Electroporcelain. 

Led by a strong leadership, the entity in a short span of time has progressed to become one of India’s leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of electrical insulators. The management knowing ‘Quality Does Not Happen By Accident’ has installed state of the art manufacturing equipments some of which have been imported from Germany's leading equipment manufacturer Gebruder Netzsch. A completely automatic and most modern Tunnel Kiln has been installed designed by Sharma Kiln Technologies, Ahmedabad.

Our Location- Couldn’t have been more strategic. Jaipur is within a few hours drive from all the raw materials needed offering saving on transportation costs also just in time availability of raw materials.  Beawar, Ajmer, Kishangarh are rich with Quartz and Feldspar, Neemkathana is rich with good quality china clays and Bikaner famous for world class ball clay.

While striving to be the best in the business and industry, our product range includes Pin Insulators, Post Insulators, Disc Insulators (Up to 120KN), Lightning Arrestors, CT Bushings, Antifog Bushings and Solid Core Insulators.

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